In a leadership meeting, it is important to get personal, review key metrics and goals of the team, use the red, yellow, and green method for goal status updates, identify issues and challenges and work to solve them, highlight good news and wins, send the agenda in advance, share important updates, record meeting notes collaboratively, capture decisions and assign action items, set production or sales goals, discuss company policy, examine company news, review each leader, introduce new leaders, consider metrics, and reinforce company values.

It is essential to ensure that the meeting is productive and efficient. To do this, the agenda should be sent in advance, important updates should be shared, meeting notes should be recorded collaboratively, decisions should be captured and action items should be assigned. Additionally, production or sales goals should be set, company policy should be discussed, company news should be examined, each leader should be reviewed, new leaders should be introduced, metrics should be considered, and company values should be reinforced.